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Getting directions to an boat

There are a number of ways you can find directions to a(n) [venue] from our website:

  1. The [Venue] locations page shows you a list of all [venue]s. From here, you can click on any [venue] to see a map and get driving directions.
  2. From the Game schedule, your team's page, or your personal calendar you can click on the name of the [venue] to pull up the map and get driving directions.

For driving directions, if you are a registered user of our website and you are logged into the system, the GameOn! SMS will automatically determine driving directions from your home address, if you have recorded it on the Personal information page.

If you need directions from another location, or you are not registered with our website, once the [venue] map page loads, you can enter a new address in the Directions to field. Then click Map it.