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Personal Information

Personal information overview

First and foremost, when you share your personal information with us, it is kept private and confidential in our database. Only specific league administrators will have access to your data, and in many cases even that is restricted.

When you register with our website, you provide only basic personal information. If you are a game instructor, team member or league administrator - you may need to provide more information in order to have our website serve you and the league best. You can access your data from the Personal information page.

Here are some important data fields that you may choose to complete outside of the normal registration procedure:

  1. Mileage location: if you are a game instructor in a league that pays mileage when you travel certain distances, you will want to ensure that you have assigned yourself to the correct mileage location so that you are paid appropriately. This location will always default to the league's primary mileage location.
  2. Text address*: if you are a game instructor or coaching staff, you may want to complete the text address field, as if changes are made to a scheduled game within 36 hours of the game - the system will send you a text notification of the change.
  3. Telephone #/Mobile #: All our address lists and contact pages draw contact information from your personal information page. If your telephone #/mobile #s are not entered, they will not be published.

* Text messages are sent through what is known as an "email to sms gateway", effectively we send the message to your phone's email address. For most service providers, this is your 10-digit telephone number @ some address. You aren't expected to know your phone's email address, so click on () to build it. If your provider isn't available in the drop-down list, please contact your administrator. If your provider isn't available in the drop-down list, please contact your administrator.