Group Clinics

Group Clinics are offered at all of our clubs, check out our MPA Clubs to find a club close to you. If you have any questions please contact us. Clinic requests and consent forms are found below and can be emailed to


Dragon Boats




Every year, we have the opportunity to teach first-time paddlers the amazing sport of Dragon Boat. One of the greatest things about Dragon Boat, and why we are so passionate about it is that it’s truly a team sport. Success in the boat is defined by the synchronicity of all paddlers performing at their best, at an exact moment in time. Learning and coming together as a team takes practice. Our coaches are very experienced paddlers who can help your team be successful on the water! They will teach you the correct technique, help your team synchronize your strokes, and give you an opportunity for some race experience. 








If your group members would prefer a little independence, paddling our canoes and kayaks can be done as a solitary experience (or with a partner).  Learn the proper strokes, how to manoeuvre your watercraft and more.



Our sessions range from 2 hours and up.


With your booking, your team(s) will be provided:

  • All the necessary equipment (life jackets, paddles, boats)
  • On-land training (go over the catch, pull, recovery and setup of the stroke)
  • Access to change rooms and washrooms (Subject to location)
  • Steersperson/Coach (help to develop your team on the water through a series of drills and races)
  • Tables for team lunches, access to BBQ (upon request)


The cost is based on the number of participants:

  • 16-20 Paddlers $15.00 per person/ two hours. Each additional hour $5.00 per person/ hour
  • 21-40 Paddlers $12.50 per person/ two hours. Each additional hour $5.00 per person/ hour
  • 41-100 Paddlers $10.00 per person /two hours. Each Additional hour $5.00 per person /hour
  • 100+ Paddlers $7.50 per person/two hours. Each Additional hour $2.50 per person/ hour

GST and PST are included. 


To get started on your own adventure, please use our registration form. Print and complete the form, and scan and email it to Someone will get back to you to confirm all your booking details.


Each participant must also provide a completed consent form prior to any participation.



 July 2024